Boiler Installations

Should You Replace Your Boiler?


When flue gases leave a condensing boiler, they are always cold. This means that the flue gases produce a very visible mist or plume of water vapour. This builds up around the flue terminal to condense the atmosphere, especially under cold conditions. This is not always a problem and indicates the boiler is working as intended. However, it does become an issue if you do not consider the boiler and flue location before installation. If the plume is too close to windows, doors and paths used in the winter, it can be an issue and should be serviced.


Boiler replacements are required if you notice an issue with your current boiler or if it stops working as efficiently as it once did. If you do not think your boiler is working to the correct standard, you could also need a replacement. Tony Gardner will ensure your old boiler is replaced correctly with your new one being installed safely without any hassle to your day.

Installing A Condensing Boiler


There are many benefits to installing a condensing boiler and the main perk is reducing your fuel bills. You should always be trying to reduce your costs and by improving household efficiency, you can do this. Condensing boilers work to recover heat which would usually be lost through the flue of a conventional boiler.


This is accomplished as condensing boilers use a secondary heat exchanger to maximise the heat transfer from burning fuels. At the same time, they can recover the useful heat which would usually be lost. When the boiler is set to condensing mode, flue gases give up their latent heat for it to be recovered.


As a result of this, the gases exiting the flue are normally at a temperature of 50-60°C, compared to 180-280°C in conventional boilers. This is when ‘condensate’ is produced and disposed of through a pipe into a water drainage system. Condensing boilers have a much better-operating efficiency than conventional ones. This is because of its larger heat exchangers.


If you are looking to replace an old boiler, condensing boilers are the best choice for installation.

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