Boiler Servicing & Repairs

Quality Heating Throughout Your Home.


Checking your boiler is in the best condition all year round is essential for the best performance. Without regular boiler servicing, efficiency can drop and you can be left without quality heating throughout your home.


Tony Gardner will ensure that your boiler is in the right condition after my service as I assess all aspects of the boiler. This will include pipework, ventilation, flue condition and all components within the boiler itself, if they require servicing or repair. Once performance has been checked for all the boiler parts to ensure the safety of the boiler, I will take any necessary actions that are required.


Having a faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous, with gas boilers causing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A proper service every year minimises this risk and increases your safety.

What Work Will Be Completed During Our Service?


Starting off with an initial visual check to spot any problems, I will provide a thorough service ensuring your boiler meets expected current standards. The boiler will be fired to identify any working faults before I remove the casing. This allows me to check all components, including:


  • Burner
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Main Injector
  • Spark
  • Sensor Probe


I will check these parts work properly and then move onto your flue terminals. Gas valves can also be adjusted for the burner to be combusting efficiently and using the flue gas analyser correctly. The boiler will then be checked for any gas leaks before casing is put back on.


You will always be given a report based on the condition of your boiler and the work that has been carried out to keep it in good condition.

Why Should You Service Your Boiler?


All boiler brands should be serviced regularly. Even if you are happy with the performance of your boiler, servicing will ensure it is in the correct condition, safe to use and can gives you optimum performance. Additionally, having a regular servicing will increase longevity as it is staying in good condition for even longer. Everyone wants the boiler to be as efficient as possible to provide your home with heat and reduce costs, servicing will ensure this happens.

What Is Flue Gas Analysis?


If you notice any of these problems with your boiler, you will often require servicing immediately. Our flue gas analysis can ensure your gas boiler is working correctly, so do not hesitate if you notice these problems:


  • Black Marks & Stains Around Gas Appliances
  • Gas Appliances Do Not Work Correctly
  • Increase Condensation in Rooms
  • Pilot Light Goes Out
  • Yellow Flames Instead of Blue
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning can be very dangerous to every household and possibly fatal on some occasions. By getting your boiler serviced if you notice any of these problems, you can immediately get rid of this risk.
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